FAQ for users

What are filltypes?

Filltypes is everything that can be stored or transported somewhere. Wheat is a filltype but also diesel. You can further specialize in Fruittypes. Wheat is a Fruittype. Diesel is not a Fruittype. When we speak of Filltypes, we mean the name of the type. These names are ideally in English. This is how GIANTS does it in the standard, e.g. wheat = wheat.

Why are uniform Filltypes good?

GIANTS has of course already defined some standard filltypes, so that every modder and mapper can use them.

But there are also new types that GIANTS has not specified. E.g. on many maps there are more fruits called Multifruit maps. One of these fruits is often poppy, which GIANTS does not use in the standard game.

Also there is something like empty pallets not in the standard game. But hundreds of productions use these empty pallets.

Especially for empty pallets there are many different names in the mods like :

  • palette,
  • pallete,
  • empty pallet,
  • empty pallets,
  • Empty pallets,
  • Empty pallet,
  • empty pallet,
  • palet
  • and many more.

For the game, they're all different types. If a sawmill ejects "empty pallet" but expects the production "empty pallet" the sawmill will not be able to supply the production.

Especially in connection with all the placeable productions and the many trailers and appendages that are built by the modders, this will quickly lead to frustration for you and me.

If the modders now agree on a uniform name for the pallet, the buildings and vehicles all work together at once. Isn't that a nice idea?

This is what we want to achieve with this joint project, in which many modders and mappers are already participating.

How can you identify the mods and maps?

We offer here on the website the logo of the "certified filltypes" for download. Every modder and mapper is allowed to use it to mark his mod and map with it, if the names from our standardized database are used.

If a mod or a map carries this seal, you can recognize by the fact that this mod / this map works with other mods which also carry this seal.

What can I register for here?

Registration is not necessary. It is only for our administration of the site. ALL information is free and available for everyone to see.

Why are you doing all this?

We want to make the game even more beautiful and easier for all players and the modders/mappers. Together we are strong is the motto. This initiative is unique because so many modders are already participating. This has never been seen before in the agricultural simulator.