FAQ for Modder

Why should you stick to it?

Everyone is free to decide whether they want to take part in this initiative.

The advantage for you as a modder is that you have less support for your mods. The usual questions like: Why doesn't it work with the sawmill of XXX? just fall away. You can refer the users to this protal and the certified mods or it just works.

With this database you also have a central documentation for your filltypes, which you can call up again and again. Here you can also find new ones that work automatically with the Global Market, for example.

What advantages do I have as a modder?

Less support effort,

the seal on your mods,

higher confidence of the users in the quality of your mods,

possibly increased download numbers by more possibilities with other mods and maps,

How can I register new filltypes?

If your filltype is not yet in our database you can submit a new filltype via this contact form. We will make a standardized name for it and are happy that you have become part of the project.

What do I have to do to get my mod with the seal?

Use the names from our database for the filltypes in your mod, in your map. When you publish or update your mod you can use the seal in screenshots or the description texts. It can be used freely as long as the filltypes of the DB are respected.

How do I get on the site with my logo as a partner for the project?

If you can prove to us that you use the "certified filltypes" in your projects, we are happy that you are participating and will gladly include your logo on the start page. Simply write to us in this contact form.

What can I register for here?

A registration is not necessary. It is only for our administration of the site. All information is free and available for everyone to view.